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WHo is Freddie Douglas?


I'm Emma Gibson CEO of Freddie Douglas Events! So I get asked all the time who is Freddie Douglas well... it's actually a name I put together using both my Grandad's names. 

The aim behind Freddie Douglas events was to become professional memory makers, and over the year's that is exactly what we have become! We pride ourselves making your dreams become reality. 

So a little bit about me and why I do what I do, I started my career in Dubai, UAE working in Children's parties and events. During my time I got to work with some amazing Client's such as Fendi Kids, Gucci Kids, Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols and that's just to name a few. On returning to the UK I have worked with some Stunning wedding and event venues in the North East of England, Crook Hall & Gardens & Wynyard Hall again that's just to name a few. I absolutely love what I do and being able to work with my fabulous clients to bring there vison to life, it's the best job in the world!

We would love to work with you so please get in touch, 

Much Love 

Emma x

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